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Alien and Migration Law

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Cyprus Investment Program

We offer advise to potential applicants on the requirements of application and how the criteria of investment can be met; we advise on the required documents. We represent our clients before the Ministries of Interior and Finance and we procure the issuance of the certificates of naturalization for our clients.

The procedure of application is subject to the applicant owing a permanent residency in Cyprus the minimum value of which is EUR 500,000 and having applied for permanent residency in Cyprus,(if he/she already does not have permanent residency) at the time of the application. In addition the applicant and all dependent adults must have clean police certificates from the country of residency and such police criminal certificates must not be more than three months old. Proof of overseas funds must be provided at the time of the application evidencing the full payment of the investment as well as the purchase of the dwelling home of the applicant.

It is to be noted that presently the program is subject to review with the main proposal being for a limit of seven hundred per annum on the number of applications which shall be accepted for citizenship application. It is moreover being proposed that a more stringent due diligence procedure will be applied in the process of examination and approval of applications.


Advice and Undertaking the procedure of the Applications Residence Permits on behalf of Non EU citizens.

We advise and we act on behalf of non EU clients who wish to obtain the right to reside permanently in Cyprus. We guide our clients through the application process and the collection and official attestation of all required documents, we represent our clients before the department of migration for the filing of their applications and we assist in the finalization of the procedure.


Posted Workers Notification in Accordance with the Posted Workers' Directive

Cyprus has implemented the Posted Workers Directive in the year 2017. We represent EU or non EU citizens who are working within the European Union and who are being posted into Cyprus in accordance with the Posted Workers Directive. We represent such posted workers before the Ministry of Labour and the Department of Social Insurance.

Where a posted worker is not an EU citizen we are able to obtain entryr permits (where this is required) and represent such non EU posted worker before the migration department for the purposes of residency registration. as well as the department of migration where the posted worker is not an EU citizen.


Intra Company Transferees in Accordance with the Intra Company Tansferee Directive

The Intra Company Transferee Directive was enacted into law in Cyprus in 2017. We act on behalf of multinational companies and third county intra company transferees before the Ministry of Labour for the issuance of work consent to perform work as an intra company transferee.

We furthermore  represent intra company transferees before the migration department for the issuance of entry permits, biometrics taking and the issuance o residency permits.

We advise and assist on the procurement of attested documents (as may be required) at the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other authorities in the Republic of Cyprus.


Work and Residency Permits

The government of the Republic  of Cyprus has put in place the so called "ONE STOP SHOP" for companies whose ownership lies with third country entities or nationals and who have a physical presence in Cyprus.  Under this scheme and provided that such companies employ Cypriot or EU nationals, they may employ non EU at executive positions.

We represent clients before the Migration Department for the issuance of work and residency permits who are employed under local contracts and by companies falling under the ONE STOP SHOP plan.

We further represent such companies or employees before the Department of Social Insurance.


Advice on Local Hire

We advise clients on local hire contracts, labour market tests and minimum wage provisions.


Registration of EU Citizens

We undertake the registration of EU citizens with the Department of Migration in accordance with applicable laws.


Advice and Legal Opinions on Migration Matters

We provide legal opinions labour and employment matters as well as minimum wage provisions.