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Obtaining European Citizenship by Investing EUR 2 million in the Republic of Cyprus

Changes in the law introduced by the government of the Republic of Cyprus, Cyprus citizenship may be obtained through naturalization by exception by investing EUR 2 million.


  1. Investment Criteria
    In order to be eligible to apply and to obtain Cypriot citizenship a potential applicant may opt to invest  in any of the following:

a. Investment in Real Estate and this may include residential properties and commercial real estate including land which will be developed into a project.

b. Establishment, acquisition or participation in Cyprus companies, which have a physical presence in the Republic, have substance of operations and employ a minimum of 5 Cypriot or EU nationals

c.  Investment in instruments of Cyprus  investment  companies which are licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, provided that the investments made exclusively in the Republic of Cyprus.

d. Investment in government bonds, (maximum amount EUR 500,000. The balance of EURO 1.5 million should be invested in real estate or commercial other projects.

e. A combination of any of the foregoing investment criteria.


2. Non Investment Criteria

 a. Clean Criminal Record from the country of origin and the country of residence (if it differs) for all adult applicants.

b. Residence in the Republic of Cyprus which requires that the applicant must own a dwelling home in Cyprus the minimum value of which must be EUR 500,000 plus VAT.  

c. The applicant must hold permanent residency in the Republic of Cyprus.


3. Matters to be Noted

    • Cyprus permits dual nationality.
    • The passports are issued to the applicant's spouse and financially dependent children up to the age o 28 as well as the applicant's parents provided that the value of the residential property is such that it covers the amount of EUR 500,000 per applicant.

4. Benefits of Cyprus Citizenship

  • Cyprus passport holders may enter, reside, study and work in the European Economic Area, (the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and Switzerland without the need for work or residence permit.
  • Cyprus passport holders may travel visa free to more than 140 countries.