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Corporate Law

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  1. Registration and management of Companies Under Other Jurisdictions.

    We can procure the registration of companies in a number of jurisdictions depending on the tax or corporate needs of our clients.

  2. Registration and Management of Companies Under the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

    A company registered in Cyprus is a very widely used business vehicle for the transaction of business, both in Cyprus or at international level. Provided that the Company is considered a tax resident in Cyprus, it can avail itself of the very favorable tax laws of Cyprus.

    In establishing a company for our clients or any other business vehicles, we apply due diligence procedures so that we have a full understanding as regards our clients' financial profiles.

    In addition to establishing a company, we are able to offer secretarial management services as well as directors and trustee services. We also provide all related legal services relevant to maintaining a company in good standing.

  3. Corporate Reorganizing and Restructuring and Cross Border Mergers
  4. We are able to assist our clients with the reorganizing, restructuring and transferring of assets for tax purposes. In addition we specialize in cross border merger procedures as well as mergers of Cyprus companies.

  5. Capital Raising Transactions

    Under the Companies Law, Cap 113, a company may raise capital in different ways, such as issuance of different classes of shares whether at a premium or at par value.

    Additionally we can assist and offer advise on the raising of capital by the  listing of accompany in the Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange, ("ECM"). The E.C.M is considered as a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) according to “the provision of Investment Services, the exercise of Investment Activities, the Operation of Regulated Markets and other Related Matters” Law 144(I)/ 2007 and it is regulated by the Cyprus Stock Exchange (“CSE”). It is addressed to unlisted companies seeking to raise finance and seeking access to an unregulated market or to listed companies who are not willing or able to undertake the higher costs of remaining in a regulated market. 

  6. Advise on the Establishment of Investment Firms and Compliance
    • We can advise on the establishment of Investment firms or provide legal assistance with the compliance requirements.
    • Licensed and Regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and are subject to the provisions of Law which provides for the Provision of Investment Activities, the Exercise of Investment Activities, the Operation of Regulated Markets and Other Related Matters.
    • Must adhere to very strict compliance regulations imposed by the Securities and Exchange commission
  7. Establishment of Collective Investment Schemes  Under the Open Ended Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferrable Securities Law ("Ucits")
    • Regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission
    • Aim to operate freely throughout the EU on the basis of a single authorization from one member state
    • The legal form of UCITS may be under the law of contract, i.e. Common Fund or under statute, i.e. Variable Capital Investment Company.
  8. Migration of Companies in and out of Cyprus.

    Pursuant to the provisions of the Cyprus companies law, Cap 113, an overseas company may migrate into Cyprus and become a Cyprus company for tax purposes. Migration into Cyprus by an overseas company must be permitted by such company's country of incorporation and the consent of the authorities of that country. Once the Cyprus Registrar of Companies has been satisfied that the stipulated formalities have been met, it will issue the certificate temporary registration, pending the final deletion certificate from the country of origin of the company.

    Likewise a Cyprus company may migrate into any other jurisdiction, provided that the laws of that jurisdiction permit such migration and provided that the Cyprus company has obtained a tax clearance from the Cyprus authorities up to the date which will be considered the date of migration has met the formalities stipulated in the Cyprus Companies Law, Cap