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Migration Law

Cyprus Investment Program

We offer advice to applicants on the criteria of application of the Cyprus Investment Program. We represent our clients before the Ministries of Interior and Finance and we procure the issuance of the certificates of naturalization for our clients. 

Advice and Undertaking the procedure of the Applications Residence Permits on behalf of Non EU citizens.

We advise and we act on behalf of non EU clients who wish to obtain the right to reside permanently in Cyprus. We guide our clients through the application process and the collection and official attestation of all required documents, we represent our clients before the department of migration for the filing of their applications and we assist in the finalization of the procedure.

Intra Company Transferees in Accordance with the Intra Company Tansferee Directive

We act on behalf of multinational companies and third county intra company transferees before the Ministry of Labour and the migration department for the issuance of entry permits, biometrics taking and the issuance o residency permits.

We advise and assist on the procurement of attested documents (as may be required) at the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other authorities in the Republic of Cyprus.

Posted Workers Notification in Accordance with the Posted Workers' Directive for Non EU Nationals who are EU resident

Work and Residency Permits under the ONE STOP SHOP Scheme

We represent clients before the Migration Department for the issuance of work and residency permits who are employed under local contracts by companies qualifying as employers on non-EU citizens

Registration of EU Citizens

We undertake the registration of EU citizens with the Department of Migration in accordance with applicable laws. 

Advice and Legal Opinions on Migration Matters

We provide legal opinions labour and employment matters as well as minimum wage provisions.