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Temporary Residency in the Republic of Cyprus- an extension of the right to remain in the Republic of Cyprus

Temporary Residency Requirements
Temporary residency permit wil be issued to a non EU national on the basis of the fact that he/she can provide proof of adequate income emanating from overseas funds to cover the living expenses while residing in Cyprus (estimated about €15,000 – €20,000 for a three-member family) and a lease agreement or contract of sale or title deed of a purchased dwelling home


Temporary Residency Permits are issued to non-EU nationals who wish to remain in Cyprus for an extended period of time and the applicant’s family members, (spouse, and children (under 18 years old)), can get the pink slip as dependants
Applications must be filed for the whole of the family simultaneously and each each family member files a separate application form and gets his temporary residence card.

Rights of Temporary Residency Holder
The holder of temporary residency permit, has the status of visitor and he/she is not therefore permitted to engage in employment.

The validity of the temporary residency permit is for one year and may be renewed annually.

Required Documents
i. Application form for a temporary residence permit in Cyprus as visitor MVIS3 duly completed and signed.

ii. Lease agreement or sale agreement of a house/apartment, which must be valid for a minimum of one year. The Lease agreement must be stamped by the Cyprus registrar of Stamp duty and the signatures must be certified by a certifying officer (the equivalent of a notary public).

iii. Bank statement & proof of transfer from abroad
Deposit/Transfer €15.000 in a Bank account in Cyprus which should be transferred from abroad. The swift confirmation of the bank transfer must be provided with the documents at the time of filing the application.

vi. Health insurance
Each member of the family must have health insurance valid in Cyprus.

v. Proof of Income from abroad, i.e. employment, bank deposits, pension rental income. This income should enable the temporary residence holder to cover his living expenses in Cyprus.

Annual income requirements:
€10,000 for a single applicant
€15,000 for a couple
€20,000 for couple & 1 child

vi. Passport Copies

vii. Marriage Certificate translated in English and legalized or apostilled

viii. Children Birth Certificates translated in English and legalized or apostilled

ix. Police Criminal Record for each adult member of the family translated or apostilled.

Application processing time
• Cyprus Residence Permit Card is obtained within about 3 months
• Applicants may remain in Cyprus until the until the temporary residence permit card is issued