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Directive (EU) 2016/801 has been transposed into national law by Law 7(I) /2019

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Directive (EU) 2016/801-Research, Studies, Training, Voluntary Service, Pupil Exchange Schemes or Educational Projects

The Law Regulating to the Conditions of Entry and Residence in the Republic of Cyprus of Third Country Nationals with the purpose of Research, Study, Training, Volunteer Work, Exchange of Students or Educational Programs as well Related Matters, is Law 7(I) 2019, (“the Law”)

A. Purpose
To establish the conditions of residency in the Republic of Cyprus for a period which exceeds 90 days of third country nationals as well as the rights of the family members of such third country nationals whose purpose of entry and residency is secondary or tertiary educations, research, volunteer work or other educational programs.

B. Applicability
Applicable to third country nationals who submitted applications to enter the Republic of Cyprus for the purposes of being accepted in educational institutions of secondary or tertiary education for studies, research, training, volunteer work or student exchange.

Does not apply to third country nationals who have entered as intra company transferees or which are claimants of political asylum or which have the right to freedom of movement throughout the European Union.

C. Entry / Application Criteria
I. Application form
II. Passport which must be valid for the duration of the studies or research in Cyprus and at least valid for two years from the day of submission of the application
III. Proof that the applicant has health insurance valid in Cyprus for the duration of his /her studies or stay in Cyprus
IV. Proof that the applicant has sufficient financial means to sustain themselves for the duration of their studies or research projects or other purposes stipulated by the Law. If the applicant has received a scholarship or other mans of financial support, they will need to provide proof of same. Each case will be assessed in order for the authorities to conclude that the student, researcher, trainee or volunteer has sufficient financial means to sustain themselves in Cyprus and to return home should the need arise.
V. Acceptance letter by the educational institution or by the research institution or the host entity
VI. Attested copies of academic qualifications or other relevant qualifications of the applicant
VII. Where the applicant is below 18, parental consent will be required
VIII. In the case of researchers, they must be accepted by a research institution which has received accreditation by the government of the Republic of Cyprus as a research institution.
IX. In the case of a researcher, a valid agreement must be in place between the researcher and the research institution stipulating the terms and conditions as well as the purpose and duration of the research project.
X. In the case of third country nationals arriving for training, their training must be affiliated / connected to their tertiary degree and proof of such degree must be provided. Additionally confirmation by the department of labor must be provided confirming that the training activity of the individual does not constitute employment in accordance with the laws of Cyprus.
XI. Proof of suitable accommodation must be provided
XII. In the case of volunteers, the host entity in Cyprus must be an accredited entity.
XIII. In the case of volunteers, the host institution must provide information in writing pertaining to the conditions and duration of the volunteer that will be undertaken.
XIV. The applicant must not constitute danger to the public at larger and must not have a criminal record from their country of origin.

D. Duration of Permits
All permits are a minimum of one year subject to renewal and provided that the student, research, trainee er or volunteer meets the criteria stipulated in the Law, they may be renewed. Where a researcher or trainee or volunteer are undertaking a cross border project, the duration of the permit will be up two years subject to renewal.

E. Equal Rights
All persons falling under the ambit of the Law and having the right to live in Cyprus in accordance with the provisions of the Law, enjoy equal rights as the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus. They do not however have the right to claim social benefits.

F. Revocation of Permits
Permits will be revoked if proven that the applicant or institution have provided false information or if the third country nationals no longer meets the criteria stipulated by the Law.

G. Employment Activities
Students may engage in part time paid employment (not more than twenty hours per week), in certain sectors of the economy, such as blue collar work.

H. Stay after the completion of Studies or Research
Upon completion of studies or research program, students or researchers may remain in Cyprus for twelve months for the purpose of seeking employment or establishing a business in their fields of expertise, provided that the student or researcher have attained the professional qualifications stipulated the by the law and provided they can provide proof that they are able to sustain themselves financially during the 12 months period.

I. Family members of persons falling under the ambit of the Law
Family members may be reunited with researchers provided that Cyprus is the first host country of the researcher. Additionally family members may be united with a researcher who has obtained employment in Cyprus after their research project has be completed.