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The Cyprus Parliament approves changes in the Cyprus Investment Program 

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  1. The financial criteria of the program have remained the same, that is, an investor may invest up to 2 million plus acquiring a dwelling home the value of which is EUR 500,000 plus VAT. If the residency is EUR 2 million no further investment is required. The investor however will not be allowed to set up a property investment company. 


  1. The non refundable donation to the government’s innovation funds as well as housing fund is being increased from 75,000 Euro to EUR 100,000, totalling EUR 200,000. 


  1. The parents of both the investor and his/ her spouse can now apply for citizenship on the basis of the fact that each family acquires an additional dwelling home the value of which is EUR 500,000 or a single home the value of which is EUR 1 million, this being over and above of the main dwelling home of the applicant and his/her spouse. 


  1. The funds for the investment should be wired into a Cyprus bank account from the private bank account or from the bank account of the investors’ company. 


  1. The definition of a PEP has been defined so that it is in line with the Anti Money Laundering laws of Cyprus and any person who has ceased to be a PEP within the past 12 months, is eligible to apply for citizenship. 


  1. The criminal record of all adult applicants can be six months old instead of three months old,


  1.  The government has the right to revoke the citizenship if it transpires that citizenship was obtained contrary to the regulations. 


  1. All applications which were submitted after the 31st of December 2019 will be examined subject to the above criteria.