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1. Applicable law:
The Civil Registry and Law, Law 141(Ι)/2002, Articles 111 and third Schedule of Article 111

2. Criteria

Cases for which Seven Y years of residence in the Republic are required: Third country nationals who hold a residence permit as students, visitors, self-employed, athletes, coaches, sports technicians, domestic helpers, nurses, employees of Cypriot or foreign employers or offshore companies and who reside in the Republic solely for the purpose of work, as well as their spouses, adult children or other dependents should accumulate a total stay in the Republic of at least seven years within the previous at least seven years. (in the period of seven years, the last twelve months before the submission of the application are included)


Cases for which 5 years of residence in the Republic are required:Third country nationals who hold any other status (apart from those mentioned above), should accumulate a total residence in the Republic of 5 years within the immediately preceding seven years from the twelve -month period that precedes the application.

3 Additional Criteria

3.1 To be of good character
Eligibility on the basis of good character shall be considered on the basis of the following:
I. The applicant and /or any members of his/her family have not shown with words or actions any dishonesty and has not commited any fraudulent action.
II. The applicant and /or any members of his/her family have not shown any disregard to the laws and customs of the Republic of Cyprus.
III. The applicant and /or any members of his/her family have has not been convicted for any civil or criminal offense in Cyprus or in any other country.
IV. The applicant and /or any members of his/her family are not wanted persons in any country or authority or by INTERPOR or EUROPOL.
V. There is no pending proceedings (civil or criminal) against the applicant and /or any members of his/her family in the Republic of Cyprus or any other country.
VI. The applicant and /or any members of his/her family are not on any sactions list or under any restrictive measures.
VII. The applicant and /or any members of his/her family have not entered the Republic of Cyprus illegally.
VIII. The applicant or any members of his family do not constitute a threat to the law and public order of the Republic of Cyprus.

3.2 Sufficient command of the Greek language
The applicant and the members of his/her family must be able to speak and write the Greek at B1 level, this being: understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters such as work, everyday routines - habits, leisure, etc., understand texts that consist mainly of high frequency language, used for example in everyday life or work environment.

3.3. Sufficient knowledge of the political, legal and cultural system of Cyprus.
This will be assessed by the tripartite committee which shall interview the applicant and his/her family members The committee shall consist of the ministrers of Education, Internal affairs and Justice.

3.4 Suitable Accomodation
The applicant must have accomodation that is suitable for his /her family.

3.5 Sufficient Income
The applicant must have sufficient income, (such as the salary or any other income emenating from any legitime sources) which will enable the applicant to support his/her family without them having to apply to the social welfare system for financial support.
In considering the sufficiency of the income of any applicant, the following shall also be taken into account:
I. Whether the applicant was unemployed at any time during his/her stay in Cyprus
II. Whether he/she claimed any welfare benefits in Cyprus

3.6 Intention to reside in Cyprus
The applicant must demonstrate that upon receiving the certificate of naturalization, he/she intends to reside in Cyprus.

4. High Skilled Workers
Any individual who is residing in the Republic of Cyprus as a high skilled worker and provided that:
I. he/she has been a permanent resident for an agreggate period of his/her stay is four years of which the final year must be of continuous stay
II. He/she must have attained level A1 or B1 in Greek
Is eligible to apply for certificate of naturalization.

5. Family Members

Family members are eligible for naturalization subject to them meeting the criteria stipulated above and provided that they have had a continous stay of twelve months. The family union must have been in place for at least twelve months prior to the filing of the application for naturalization.